Friday, October 16, 2009

The Very Last Halloween Card

Hi folks! The card I am going to show you will be the last Halloween one for the year. I think. As of today anyway. I guess if I see some image or paper that I can't leave in the store, maybe there will be just one more. However, my plans as of today do not include anymore Halloween cards. Not only did I make about 5 times as many as I need but also, it is getting close enough to October 31st that I don't really have time to get any more listed in my Etsy shop in time to sell and deliver in time for the big day. So, you wanna see the very last Halloween card for 2009?

I have wanted to do something with witches shoes all season so I finally made a card using them. I just love all the funky stockings that usually accompany the classy little shoes on witch feet. Because of this, the sentiment is perfect. I have seen it is not my original material. I wish I was that clever!

I am off for now. I have tons to do before work this weekend. I'll update my supply list later. Go out and enjoy some of this cool weather that has finally set in. Bye for now!

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