Friday, May 29, 2009

As requested...

I worked so hard on the custom album page order that I just finished, I think I talked about it with my friends just a "leetle" bit. Several of my firends have asked to see the creation so I will oblige today. It all started when I was asked by a friend of a previous customer to design an album for her lovely daughter that would be graduating soon. (She graduates today, so Congrats Lauren!) We had a very short time line so I knew I had to plan and work as quickly as possible. After a few emails back and forth, to pin down our ideas, the album came together and I was ready to rush those pages. Mom chose black, green, and white as a color scheme. She had seen a card in my Etsy shop in those colors and she liked the style as well so I went from there. I'll show the inspiration piece first...

I chose a few of the Doodlebug wedding papers since that was the DP used in my card. Then I found a few gorgeous green background papers. For embellishments, I knew that my own stash would give me a little of everything...I was right! Lauren's mom gave me a brief description of the pages she wanted to include but the rest was up to me. AHHHHH! I always worry, when I work for someone else, that my choices will be what they were picturing. Well, she has since received the pages in the mail and she loves them so I guess I was on track. I took photos that grouped pages together because Etsy only allows 5 listing photos so pardon the distance at which they are taken. If you click on each photo, you will be able to see a larger image. Have a look-see!

This one includes the title page and the first 2 layouts, intended for Lauren's birth family and adoptive family.

The next two are about her family and cousin that is like a sister.

The next two are about her grandparents.

These are about her friends and her faith.
These last 2 are for extra journaling notes and keepsakes. I love making keepsake pocket pages. I need to find a way to incorporate that technique into my card making!

As you can see, I relied heavily on tools for this job. My Cricut and border punches really saved the day. I will be back to writing about cards tomorrow. I am working frantically to get a few things made ahead so I can show those while I am on vacation next week. So, have a great day and I will too...I will be at my scrap desk! Thanks for coming by!


  1. It's gorgeous! You obviously put lots of work and thought into it. I hope she loves it as much as I love mine. =)

  2. amazing! and you ere able to accomplish this at such short notice!

  3. Wow. Great Job - I'm impressed that you could do all that within such a short timeframe! I'd be "tipping" you big time. ;)

  4. OMG! Kyla these are GORGEOUS! You make beautiful cards, but you really gotta blog more scrapbook pages! You have a gift!